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I've completed the course, but I can't print my certificate.

If you are having issues with getting a course completion confirmation and view/print your certificate, contact technical support on the "Contact Us" page, and a support staff member can assist you.

I work for a private company. Can I take an APTI course?

APTI classroom courses are restricted to state and local environmental agency personnel. This is because they are supported with funds allocated for state and local environmental agency training. At times, the organization sponsoring the course may allow some non-government personnel to take courses if there is space available. You should request permission directly from the organization sponsoring the course. If permission is granted, a nominal attendance fee will usually be charged. However, there is no such restriction on self-instructional courses. You may take any of the self-instructional courses available on the APTI website.

I live in a country outside of the United States. Can I take an APTI course?

See the answer given above for individuals working for private companies. The same conditions apply.

How much do APTI courses cost?

There is no cost for employees of state and local environmental agency staff for classroom courses. No one is charged for self-instructional courses.

How can I arrange to have APTI courses taught at my workplace?

Most APTI courses are taught by privately employed instructors with experience in teaching certain courses and related topics. You may be able to arrange a contract with these instructors to teach a course at your workplace. However, anyone with sufficient knowledge in the particular subject area may be qualified to teach an APTI course. APTI would provide the training materials. You can contact APTI directly for more details.

The APTI classroom course I would like to take is not on your calendar. When will it be offered?

APTI courses are sponsored by our partners—either multijurisdictional agencies or states—based on the training needs of those they serve. They generally offer only some of the available APTI classroom courses during any given year, based on those needs. If you have a need for an APTI course not currently scheduled, you may want to contact the training contacts in your agency or the multijurisdictional organization in which your agency has membership.

Are APTI courses accepted as continuing education for any professional certifications (e.g., professional engineer (P.E.), certified industrial hygienist (C.I.H.))?

In general, EPA does not determine whether the training it offers qualifies for professional development hours (PDH) or continuing education units (CEU). That decision is made by professional agencies and state certification boards. We understand individuals who have completed some of our APTI training courses have successfully submitted them to their state professional engineering or certified industrial hygienist boards for CEUs or PDH; however, EPA cannot guarantee acceptance.

Can I take APTI courses for college credit?

APTI courses are not designed for college/university educational purposes. They have been developed to prepare professionals working in state or local air pollution agencies in the United States to perform duties in their workplace. We have made no arrangements with colleges or university for college credit.

Some of the courses listed have “APTI” in the designation; others have “SI”, “NACT”, or other designations. Is there a difference between these? What do the designations mean?

Any courses with APTI in the designation (including SI courses) have been reviewed by staff within EPA’s Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS). Courses with other designations have not yet been reviewed by OAQPS. This includes NACT courses which were originally developed under the National Air Compliance Training Program grant.

I noticed something in one of the courses that I think needs to be corrected. What should I do?

If you find something questionable within one of our courses, please report it to Joshua Minorics (Minorics.Joshua@epa.gov). Please describe the error in as much detail as possible, and include the course number, title, section number/page, and anything that helps us locate where within the course the problem can be found.

I am having issues starting the course, the video will not play.  What can I do?

Ensure that you are using Internet Explorer 11 or the latest version of Chrome.  If the video does not play within the confirmed browsers, check to see if your Adobe Flash Player is up to date.

I’ve completed the course but I did not get a confirmation.  Without the confirmation, I am unable to view and print my certificate.

Please check to see if you are using Internet Explorer 11 or the latest version of Chrome.  If you are still having issues with getting a course completion confirmation and view/print your certificate, contact technical support on the “Contact Us” page, and a support staff member can assist you.